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Skåland Prosess System AS

We are a total supplier of all types of process systems related to steam, condensate, hot water, and high-temperature water. Our company has extensive expertise in boilers and heat production, as well as control systems for optimal functionality.

In collaboration with technology environments, our company has developed patents and optimal technical solutions for the industry.


Phone: 4000 2850
Email:: 929 188 985

Skåland Rør & Industrimontasje AS
Dragelandsveien 7
4380 Hauge i Dalane


We design services and systems for the business and public sectors. 

We can assist in preparing the basis for the execution of the project. 
We can detail and finalize drawings and specifications to ensure that the project is ready for implementation and completion. 

Ordering goods, equipment, and services. 

We deliver fully completed and comprehensive installations. 

We provide systems that ensure processes are carried out without deviation from the process target, and any deviations are immediately corrected.