Piping Welding & Construction

We provide skilled personnel for various assignments in the onshore and oil industries. We also have a workshop facility where we undertake production in the fields of welding, piping, plate work, and mechanical engineering. We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.


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Piping Welding Contracting AS
Industrigata 14
4480 KVINESDAL, Norway


We provide qualified personnel, handle all documentation, certificates, approvals, travel arrangements, and accommodations. PWC assists in assembling all or part of the staffing requirements related to various types of industrial projects, both onshore and offshore.

Our insulators contribute to efficient energy utilization.

They are experienced in areas such as heat and cold preservation, frost and fire protection, sound insulation, condensation insulation, interior design of residential modules and boats, and interior design in industrial buildings. 

The insulators have experience from land-based industry, shipyards, and offshore-related operations. 

Our electrical workers have expertise in various electrical areas, including data and electronics systems, electrical power systems, and automation systems. 

Our industrial pipefitters perform work in the production, assembly, maintenance, and testing of piping systems for the industry, both onshore and offshore. 

Our industrial pipefitters have extensive knowledge of the materials they work with and adhere to national and international standards and product requirements. 

We have several mechanics who perform maintenance, repairs, and improvements of mechanical equipment. 

Our industrial mechanics often perform tasks such as machine assembly and maintenance, pipe and plate work, troubleshooting of machinery and process equipment. 

Our mechanics have knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control systems for machinery.

We undertake both large and small projects in construction and welding, ranging from pipes to structures, mechanical work, overhauls, repairs, maintenance, and more.

In collaboration with our partner, Lister Engineering AS, we can offer turnkey projects including drawing, calculations, project management, production, installation, and commissioning with all necessary documentation.

Our hydraulic technicians perform work related to pumps, pipes, cylinders, hoses, and other devices within fluid mechanics. 

They are accustomed to performing tasks such as machine repair and maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of machinery rooms, carrying out mechanical insulation, responsible for the maintenance of hydraulic deck and drilling equipment, maintenance of pumps and pump rooms on tankers, and performing machinery watchkeeping services. 

Our certified welders are accustomed to working with work instructions, drawings, and welding procedures (WPS). They can handle materials, consumables, and tools for material processing. They perform welding processes according to specified methods and carry out maintenance and troubleshooting on welding equipment. 


Training & Education

Biggest fixed-price job so far

In these days, pipes are being produced in our workshop in Kvinesdal and installed at the customer's site before pressure testing, insulation, and preparation for operation. The project provides employment for...

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