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Energy Rent

Energy Rent is a leading provider of rental solutions for temperature control and has been solving customers' challenges with mobile solutions since its establishment in 2008.

Speed, support, and broad expertise are at the core of everything we do. We select standard products from our inventory and design temperatures, capacities, pressure drops, etc. to precisely fit your project.



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Energy Rent AS
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Energy Rent offers complete cooling containers with cooling capacities ranging from 7 kW to over 500 kW for delivery and installation within 24 hours. 

Fast and flexible cooling solutions for projects and businesses. We customize and create solutions that meet your needs. 

Energy Rent provides solutions for environmentally friendly construction heating based on emission-free and fossil-free.

There are numerous benefits to such a system, including improved operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, better working conditions, enhanced quality, and reduced construction time.

We can provide mobile temporary rental solutions where the fuel options are either wood chips or pellets.

There are several benefits to using pellets or wood chips as fuel, including cost-effectiveness and a positive environmental profile. We can supply rental pellet heating systems ranging from approximately 30 kW up to the MW class, providing excellent operational efficiency and a strong environmental footprint.

We have a wide and extensive inventory of products that allow us to customize and tailor flexible solutions for the rental of mobile steam boilers.

The steam boilers are ready for quick delivery and independent operation. Additionally, water treatment systems and external tank systems can be included as well.

We have steam boilers ranging from 400 kg/h to over 16,000 kg/h that can be quickly delivered, installed, and are flexible to use. 

We are experts in ice rinks and are happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. Whether you desire a large ice skating rink with disco lights, a thrilling slide, or a child-friendly ice rink with support aids and tents, we can help you!

We can provide mobile heating stations on wheels ranging from 20 kW up to 950 kW, and mobile heating center in container from 85kW to over 4000kW.

A portable air conditioner is a unit that allows you to cool down your bedroom during the summer or heat up your living room during the winter.

A portable air conditioner often has a much larger capacity, is more flexible in terms of placement, and has a longer air throw distance than a regular heat pump. With an integrated condensate pump and a setup for transporting the condensate out, such solutions are far ahead in terms of innovation.

We have rental portable air conditioning Solutions for harsh conditions, such as industrial and process facilities.

Energy Rent AS has been providing fossil-free solutions to our customers for heating buildings for many years.

Heat exchangers are commonly used for heat transfer Heat exchangers are primarily used for transferring heat from one fluid to another, but they can also be employed as pressure relievers or to create hydraulic separation between two fluids. Heat exchangers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their intended application.

The most common types of heat exchangers we have are liquid-liquidair-to-liquidair-to-air

Rental of mobile heat exchangers that are energy-efficient, emission-free, and offer many possibilities.

We perform chemical cleaning of your heating system. We always conduct an assessment of the equipment before proceeding with the cleaning process. 

There are many reasons to perform chemical cleaning of heating systems, and two significant ones are longevity and energy efficiency.

If there is a buildup of particles in heat exchangers, it can lead to higher pressure drops, reduced heat transfer efficiency, and ultimately increased operating costs.


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