Scandinavian Energy Group

Total provider within piping, industrial installation,
electrical, service, and equipment and personnel rental.

Our companies

We have expertise and extensive experience in all types of industrial piping work, mechanical work, as well as steam and heat technology. 

Specialists in rental of heating, steam, cooling, ventilation, and energy solutions, as well as sales of related products and services.

Performing small and large services within district heating, cooling systems, decommissioning of oil-fired systems, servicing, hydronic heating, and heat pumps.

Total provider within all types of process systems related to steam, condensate, hot and superheated water, and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) projects. 

Personnel rental for assignments within onshore and offshore industries. Workshop with production in the fields of welding, piping, plate, and mechanical work. 

Total provider of electrical systems. Electrical installations, troubleshooting, internal control, and service, both high and low voltage, for the industry.